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Ministerie van Buitenlandse zaken, Internationaal Business en Internationale samenwerking

Position at the Association of theCaribbean States.


Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified nationals of Member States
and Associate Member States to fill the following position at the Association of the
Caribbean States.
Job Title: Advisor
Level: Junior Professional
Reports to: Director – Transport, Trade & Sustainable Development
Type of appointment: Full time
Duration of appointment: Three years (with an option of renewal for two years)
The Convention that established the ACS defined amongst the purposes and functions of
the organization to harness, utilise and develop the collective capabilities of the Caribbean
Region to achieve sustained cultural, economic, social, scientific and technological
advancement; promote enhanced economic space for trade and investment with
opportunities for cooperation and concerted action; and, in fulfilling these purposes, the
ACS is to promote economic integration, including the liberalisation of trade, investment,
transport and other related areas.
In light of these general objectives, the Directorate for Transport, Trade and Sustainable
Development is responsible for the ACS work programmes for Trade Development and
External Economic Relations and Transport.
It has been determined that, in an effort to balance the technical capabilities of the
Directorate, and to be able to support the relevant area of Transport for the region that
this Terms Of Reference concentrate in this field.
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Under the general guidance of the Director, the Advisor will assist in the design,
development, implementation and management of technical assistance projects for the
organization in the areas of Transport, Logistics, and Sustainable Development.
Core Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist the Director in the development, rationalization, coordination and
    implementation of ACS policies, programmes and projects (for Transport, Logistics,
    and Sustainable Development), which contribute effectively to the development
    process in the Greater Caribbean;
  2. Assist the Director and other Directorates to provide professional input (including
    design) in developing appropriate projects for delivering technical assistance to
    Member States in the area of Transport, Logistics, and Sustainable Development;
  3. Assist the Director and collaborate with other Directorates to implement projects
    (for Transport, Logistics, and Sustainable Development) and the development of
    appropriate training programmes;
  4. Advise the Director on all matters related to ACS policies, programmes and projects
    as well as support initiatives and present recommendations aimed at achieving the
    objectives and mandates of the Association;
  5. Analyse, make projections and recommend actions to be taken in order to achieve
    the objectives and functions of the Directorate;
  6. Prepare preliminary concept papers/notes on Transport, Logistics, and Sustainable
  7. Prepare reports on activities, programmes and projects undertaken by the
    Directorate in accordance with established guidelines;
  8. Prepare, analyse and edit technical reports on transport, logistics and sustainable
    development in collaboration with Director and other Directorates;
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  9. Act as a resource person on issues in accordance with the policies, programmes
    and projects of the Directorate, creating synergies amongst the areas with
    emphasis on Transport, Logistics and Sustainable Development;
  10. Assist in the development and implementation of work programmes for the
    Directorate in collaboration with other Directorates and the mandate set out by
    the Member States;
  11. Contributes to the preparation and delivery of written reports for the Director;
  12. Supports project implementation and management plans including scope, budget,
    resources, risk and quality for assigned projects;
  13. Advises the Director on the development of a work programme that mainstreams
    the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals which are relevant to the mandates of
  14. Advises the Director on the creation, rationale, coordination and implementation
    of ACS policies, programmes and projects which contribute effectively to the
    development process of the Greater Caribbean;
  15. Assists the Director in the design, presentation and management of cooperation
    projects on transport, logistics and sustainable development to fulfil the ACS
  16. Assists the Director in managing programmes, projects and consultancies
    undertaken by the Directorate in accordance with established guidelines;
  17. Acts as a resource person on issues in accordance with the policies, programmes
    and projects of the Directorate, creating synergies amongst the areas;
  18. Conceptualizes project profiles and prepares proposals in collaboration with the
    Director for submission to the Directorate for Cooperation and Resource
  19. Assists the Director in managing the financial, technical and logistical areas of
    projects undertaken by the Directorate, creating synergies amongst the areas;
  20. Provides progress reports on projects, manages budgets, and provides quality
    assurance to ensure that projects comply with objectives in form, and content;
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  21. Assists the Director in organising, executing, monitoring and following up on
    activities of the Directorate stemming from the mandates received from the Special
    Committees as well as those received from the higher bodies of the ACS within its
  22. Monitors regional developments of issues relevant to the mandate of the
    Directorate so as to identify risks and opportunities for the ACS development
    agenda and make recommendations regarding its related studies, projects and
  23. Monitors, analyses and reports on issues that could affect transport, logistics, and
    sustainable development in the region;
  24. Conducts research, co-ordinates and monitors the compilation of data and
    statistical information on studies, policies, projects and programmes undertaken
    to support the work of the Directorate and its data repository activities;
  25. In consultation with the Director and with the support of the Research Assistant,
    collaborates with the Communications Unit to prepare content for publication on
    the ACS website and social media pages and create knowledge products endorsed
    for wider distribution based on lessons and multi-country experience;
  26. Represents the ACS at official meetings, events, workshops and conferences as
  27. Performs such other duties as may be assigned from time to time within the scope
    of responsibility.
    ● Excellent organisational, planning and time management skills;
    ● Proactively applies relevant international best practices to own work;
    ● Ability to successfully apply the Secretariat/Directorate’s policies and strategies in
    interactions with key stakeholders in member states and international partners;
    ● Ability to work under pressure in a multi-cultural environment;
    ● Knowledge and experience in the use of project management tools such as
    Microsoft Project, Logical Frameworks, or Primavera;
    ● Experience in developing and implementing work programmes;
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    ● Experience of building networks and relationships with stakeholders;
    ● Ability in analytical problem solving and critical thinking;
    ● Advanced Computer literacy with working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite,
    including MS Project, and Business Power Intelligence tools;
    ● Professionalism, Integrity and Accountability;
    ● Diplomatic acumen is desirable, but not a must;
    ● Knowledge of theory, principles and practices of governmental and transport
    planning and policy, current trends in regional and international transport and
    logistics planning;
    ● Knowledge of statistical and research methods, transport models, and datamining,
    is desirable;
    ● Knowledge of future transport needs and transport systems and logistics;
    ● Theory and principles of automated data collection and processing;
    ● Ability to prepare reports, collect, analyse and compile statistical and technical
    information pertaining to transport planning;
    ● Ability to prepare comprehensive, clear and concise planning reports;
    ● Experience in the full understanding of modern transport operational systems;
    ● Experience in the application of technology into management of transport and
    ● Excellent writing, editing, reporting and oral communication skills in English and
    either Spanish or French.
  • A Postgraduate degree (Master’s or equivalent) in Transport, Economics, Logistics
    and Supply Chain Management, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration,
    or a combination of these relevant fields;
  • Knowledge of local and regional international transport principles and laws;
  • Knowledge and experience in International Conventions applicable to maritime and
    air transport, and logistics;
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  • At least five (5) years’ progressive experience in regional and international
    transport, at national, regional or international levels in public or private sector;
  • Knowledge and/or experience (desired) in Single Window Platforms related to
    trade (import/export), supply chain, logistics, and transport;
  • Prior experience in managing projects funded by international cooperation
  • Maintains collaborative relationships within the Secretariat Directorates;
  • Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Directorates;
  • Flexibly alters positions and adjusts previously stated points of view to support
    the team consensus;
  • Follows through on team priorities in the absence of a team leader.
    The incumbent may be required to undertake supervisory responsibilities as designated.
  • Monthly Remuneration: US$3,830.20 (tax exempted);
  • Purchase of airline ticket to and from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago for the
    professional and up to four dependents from the point of origin;
  • Repatriation allowance (one-time payment corresponding to basic monthly salary)
    upon arrival in Trinidad and Tobago;
  • Shipping of personal effects from and to point of origin in keeping with relevant
  • Group Health Insurance for the Professional and dependants (if applicable).
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  • Gratuity Payment – 14%
  • Annual paid vacation entitlement of 25 working days (2.08 per month).
    Evaluation of qualified candidates for this position will include a Competency/based
    Interview, a Language Proficiency Assessment, and an Assessment Exercise.
    Candidates must present the following documents for consideration:
  1. Full Curriculum vitae;
  2. University degree;
  3. Language Proficiency certificates (not native tongue);
  4. Names of three (3) referees and contact information.
    Applicants must complete the Applicant Job Profile Summary Form included with
    the website vacancy. Failure to complete the Applicant Job Profile Summary Form will
    result in automatic rejection of the application. This form must be completed using
    either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Do not attempt to complete this
    document using any web browser.
    Applications must be addressed to:
    Mr. Rodolfo Sabonge
    Secretary General
    Association of Caribbean States
    5-7 Sweet Briar Road, St. Clair
    PO Box 660, PORT OF SPAIN
    Tel: 868-622-9575
    Fax: 868-622-1653
    And sent by email to:
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    The details stated above outline the nature and level of the tasks normally assigned
    to this position. It does not constitute an exhaustive list of these tasks. Additional
    related duties may be assigned as necessary for the effective functioning of the
    Only electronic applications will be acknowledged. All your submissions via
    email must not exceed 5MB in size.
    Due to the high volume of applications received, only short-listed candidates will be
    contacted for an interview. These candidates will also receive notice of the final
    outcome of the selection process.