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Ministerie van Volksgezondheid


Hypertensie Protocol
Suriname Hearts Initiative Hypertensie Protocol
Call for applications: Financieel-Operationeel Directeur ‘voorbereiding instelling van een Zorgautoriteit in Suriname’
Start of the EHR pre-certification process
“Consultancy to Conduct Mobile study on Amerindian population size, migration, turnover and health priorities elaborated”
“Consultancy for Information Systems for Health (IS4H) Business Analyst”
Taken en verantwoordelijkheden Programmadirecteur ‘voorbereiding instelling van een Zorgautoriteit in Suriname’
Expression of Interest (EOI) Consultancy Firm “Death Certificates Digitalized to support EHR, HIE and IS4H Dasboard
Informatie document over Cyanide
Malaria jaarverslag 2022
Purchase of clinical equipment for the upgrading of 4 Chronic Care Models centers
Minimum requirements health systems
Purchase of medical supplies for Chronic Care Start-Up
EHR Due Diligence & Data Requirements
4th Drug of Choice ACEI + HCTZ (FDC)
3rd Drug of Choice ARB + HCTZ
2nd drug of choice- ACEI + CCB
1st Drug of Choice ARB + CCB